How to choose a software for dispatching and scheduling rides?

Satellite GPS systems  monitoring become the standard in USA. They are, first and foremost, to optimize logistics, improve its quality characteristics, to enhance the security of transport, to reduce variable costs for fuel and maintenance simple, and also to increase the level of discipline and responsibility among drivers. But without good software you are not able to build a successful business.


To achieve these goals is only possible with the help of timely and reliable dispatching and scheduling software like this, the accumulation of data passing in statistics, which can then be used for analysis and evaluation of existing logistics systems and security. Statistics show that the average operational cost of gasoline and the entire fleet after the implementation of the monitoring system are reduced by a quarter. Unreasonable consumption of petroleum products, petroleum cargoes, run, "left" flights, the attack on the driver in emergency situations on the road - all this can be offset or gain the ability to quickly respond to such situations with the help of satellite GPS control.


Modern vehicle tracking allows you to track real-time events, such as speed, direction, stopping, flipping, lifting or opening of the body, ignition, drop the body, pressing the SOS button. They all appear on the map as special icons, showing the Manager the status of that vehicle at the current time. Set in the transport monitoring device automatically determines the exact coordinates on GPS satellites and transmits them via the GSM network to the vehicle owner and/or displays on the monitor server by GPRS.

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